Kettukin kuvituskuva

Taidepesula is an opportunity for artists with special needs. Taidepesula has a bright art house in Pieksämäki in the beautiful beach landscape of the Vaalijala Expertise and Support Center and an art studio in the center of Pieksämäki.

In Taidepesula you can make art with many different materials and methods. You can work alone or in a group. Beginners and long-time artists can be involved.

The goal of Taidepesula is to enable individual art expression. Art can be used to experience success and tell a wide variety of things. A work of art can be a speech in a discussion. An artist can look for ideas, explore and go crazy. We also have storytelling and visual arts often going hand in hand.

In Taidepesula art can be a meaningful hobby or a profession. To the extent possible, Taidepesula works to support artists in their artistic careers, and organizes art exhibitions. We operate as part of the Finnish and international art world and a network of special art activities.