What is Kettuki Artist register?

Kettuki Artist Register presents Finnish talented artists outside of the mainstream and art studios, who offer tailored support for artists to practise their profession.

Art studios are presented in the register, if they offer tailored professional support for artists in Artist Register.

How to apply?

Application deadline is 31st January.
Updates to the old data: yearly till 31st January.

You can apply if you have worked in art for at least three years. You work regularly every week and on a professional basis. A professional grasp means that you have had exhibitions or you have participated in various art projects, for example.

Send the following information by e-mail:
– introduction about yourself as an artist with contact information
– your resume
– self-portrait
– 4-6 artwork photos and possible links to the videos or other material

Include to the photos these information:
– in artwork photos (title, size, year, technique)
– the name of the photographer
Please, be sure you have the permission from the photographer to use these pictures. When sending the photos, you give Kettuki the permission to publish them in the register.

Please make sure your images are in .jpg format and have a maximum size of 2 megabytes per image.

Send your application to


Joining the register costs 20 euros. An invoice is included with the notification of acceptance. Updates once a year are free.