Riina Noro is Kettuki’s Artist of the year 2023!

Riina Noro (b.1981) is a visual artist who combines the methods of visual art extensively and without prejudice in her works. In Noro’s textile sculptures and paintings, a group of people from all over the world, including human figures, representatives of the animal kingdom, and hybrid types, shine and flutter wildly. In her works, Noro deals with current social themes, such as natural disasters and world politics, without forgetting the individual’s point of view in the midst of all the spin.

With the help of art, I create a peculiar thinking ability to find my things by studying them and bring out what I was created for. Making art means research work on paper and presenting interests. Making art is about bringing out interests and it secretly teaches me about this world.

Riina Noro lives and works in Helsinki. She has worked in the Vallila art studio of the Autism Foundation since 2013. She has had two solo exhibitions and has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Finland. Noro belongs to the Helsinki artists’ association, the Vautsi theater group and Sininen Sirkus artist collective.

The artist of the year was chosen from among the candidates by visual artist Nelli Nio. In 2023, Kettuki will start cooperation with the Serlachius residence located in Mänttä. The artist of the year has been reserved both a working period and an exhibition period for spring 2023. The artist will also be awarded a recognition award of 1,000 euros, which is made possible by Hanna-Liisa and Erkki Liikanen’s title fund in the People’s Cultural Fund.

You can browse the artist’s works on her register pages.