William Band paints large-scale, colourful works based on his feelings with acrylic on canvas in the joint studio of the art workshop. The most important element in William’s art is colour. He has made almost a hundred paintings, after he started working at TaidePompo in 2021. At first, the works were representational, but gradually they became abstract.

For William, art means searching for one’s own identity, growing and becoming whole as a person. Art opens up connections both to one’s own feelings and to other people. The thick layers of colour mix with each other on the fabric. William combines colours with chaotic boldness in search of the right colour scheme and expression based on his feelings. Working is impulsive and fast-paced. William’s production and artworks form a unique entity which is built on the mental landscapes of an artist diving into his emotions.

William Band

Art Studio: Into Art Centre

“Colours have always been important to me. I have been gifted by God with the ability to understand the use of colours. In the winter of 2022, I learned acrylic painting under the guidance of visual artist Eija Ruoho and I immediately got excited about the whole process. I can express myself through painting and I feel always happy when I paint. When I paint, I feel that I, too, have a purpose and that I am part of this life. I matter, too. Art is my life. I have a lot to learn about the world and art is the key to it. Art frees me from my own little world. Art allows me to learn to know myself, I open to myself and then to the world.”


Giraffe 2022 William Band


  • Year: 2022
  • Size: 60x50cm
  • Art Form: Painting
About memory 2021 William Band

About memory

  • Year: 2021
  • Size: 162x200cm
  • Art Form: Painting
Untitled 2022 William Band


  • Year: 2022
  • Size: 100x243
  • Art Form: Painting
Anxious person 2022 William Band

Anxious person

  • Year: 2022
  • Size: 195x100cm
  • Art Form: Painting
Red 2022 William Band


  • Year: 2022
  • Size: 100x181cm
  • Art Form: Painting
Vita 2023 William Band


  • Year: 2023
  • Size: 46x53
  • Art Form: Painting


b. 1992

Contact: taidekeskusinto@gmail.com

Artistic activity

I work at Taidekeskus Into ry’s art center TaidePompo
in the Saturday youth art workshop group

2013 – 2017 Rinnekoti, participation in art therapy
2020 Vaalijala competence and support center, Art Laundry
2021- Eija Ruoho as mentor


2022 Window exhibition Itäisenkatu art supply store, Turku
2022 Taidekeskus Into ry’s summer exhibition Into Outside, Skill – Will – Equality – Art, Kulturhus
Björkboda, Kemiönsaari

Works in collections

Art Center Into


Taidekeskus Into ry

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