Linnea writing

Linnea Mettälä

Art Studio: Studio Aula

Linnea Mettälä works with words. Writing is one of the best things in Linnea’s opinion, and she could do it every day. Sometimes Linnea wouldn’t want to stop at all.

Linnea writes right words and her own words. Written words are given more value than usual because Linnea doesn’t speak. Some of the words are repeated in every works, while some change every time. Most works start with words book, teddy bear, clock and rooster.

Linnea works with different pens and brushes and she writes on different materials. In addition to paper and cardboard, Linnea has also written for example on leather jackets and canvas. The more space to write, the better!

Linnea’s works have been included in e.g. At the Outsider Art Festival and several exhibitions. Her works can be found in the collections of both private and associations.


Window publication on Eurantie 2022 Linnea Mettälä

Window publication on Eurantie

  • Year: 2022
  • Size: 250x250 cm
  • Art Form: Installation, Other
Hertti 2021 Linnea Mettälä


  • Year: 2021
  • Size: 24x32
  • Art Form: Painting, Drawing
Kuusuu 2021 Linnea Mettälä


  • Year: 2021
  • Size: 50x70
  • Art Form: Painting, Drawing
Linnea's texts III  Linnea Mettälä

Linnea's texts III

  • Art Form: Other
Linnea's texts II  Linnea Mettälä

Linnea's texts II

  • Art Form: Other
Linnea's texts  Linnea Mettälä

Linnea's texts

  • Art Form: Other
Linnea's text painting  Linnea Mettälä

Linnea's text painting

  • Art Form: Painting, Other


b. 1985


Contact: Studio Aula Tel. 040 714 8106

Private exhibition

2021 Pullavene / Galleria IPIOMA / Helsinki

Group exhibitions

2021 Outsider Art Festival / Helsinki
2021 Jep & Yo / Kalasataman Vapaakaupungin Olohuone / Helsinki
2020 Taiteilijat Lapinlahdessa / Lapinlahden Lähde / Helsinki


2018 Posolli / products for Helsinki Art Museum


2021 Arts Promotion Centre Finland / Ideasta teokseksi 2


2021 Mupklis
Premiere: Outsider Art Festival / shoot: Satu Tani, editing: Heidi Järvinen, visual image of opening image: Klaus Welp

Published: March 7, 2022 Modified: June 4, 2024