Kettukin kuvituskuva

Kirsikoti is an artist community in Lieksa for persons with disabilities and those who want to live with them. Kirsikoti lives a community life. In order to grow into a healthy individual who is aware of his or her own identity, a person needs information provided by culture about his or her past and present.

The purpose is to support people living in Kirsikoti

1. in managing and planning your own life
2. taking responsibility for oneself, others and the environment
3. in spiritual growth and joining as an equal member of the community and the surrounding society

Kirsikoti maintains and develops activities in the rural environment and takes individual needs into account. It provides housing, art workshops, hobbies and educational opportunities.

Kirsikoti offers individually designed and high-quality and diverse art education and workshop activities. Kirsikoti maintains and updates Kirsikoti’s own art collection and archive of art works. Kirsikoti organizes art exhibitions and offers work for domestic and international exhibitions, graphic design and productions.